Just listen.

"I have never been more embarrassed to be a white male in America than I am today.

I wish so badly that I could crawl out of my skin or somehow change the pigment. But I have been graciously gifted a set of eyes, a brain, and a heart with which I can make sound, moral judgements about the world and the people I interact with. And that is something I can be proud of.

Fear and intolerance have gripped this country stronger than ever before, and the only thing we can do is spread the love that has been depleted."

"as someone who was born and raised here in america by two unbelievably dedicated and hardworking immigrants, i'm sitting here shocked and disgusted that i live in a country full of people who chose the path of hatred, bigotry, misogyny and racism by voting for an absolute travesty of a man who, come january, is our president.

it's jarring to see where your home country stands in terms of every trait of respect and human decency, but apparently there's a lot more work to be done as a truly regressive country that will soon controlled by delusional idealists.

love, respect and cherish the amazing women in your life, because this election really showed our country's true colors when it comes to them.

as a country, we can't wake up from this impending four-year nightmare fast enough.

trump will never, ever represent me or my family, and he will never be my president."

"It's not often I feel like the right words escape me but I truly can't articulate the fear and anxiety tonight's election provided me. The American experiment is rounding a sharp corner."

"I am so sorry to all women, the LGBTQI community, POC, muslims, and any other systematically marginalized, oppressed group. All who voted for Trump, didn't vote, or wasted their vote spit right in your face. Your basic human rights and civil liberties are about to be trampled on even more, and you do not deserve that. You deserve to be praised for your bravery in the face of constant adversity and hate. You deserve equality. You deserve love.

Also, I am sorry to our doomed planet. A climate change denier was just elected president."

"Like it literally doesn’t matter if Trump can’t do any of the impossible, illegal things he’s promised. It doesn’t matter, because as soon as a platform built on hate is validated in this way, culture changes. Britain the morning after the Brexit vote was a different place. It wasn’t just the measurable rise in hate crimes and plummeting economy, it was people feeling free to say all the ugliest things they’d ever thought because they knew at least half the country was behind them."

"The irony: 81 percent of Evangelicals just elected our first atheist president."

"I'm so disgusted by what I see in my news feed this morning. Who knew I knew so many hateful people? And people that are supporting and even encouraging hateful comments? You can't say "'merica!" and then follow it up by being hateful and nasty to your fellow Americans. Shameful. Just shameful."

"To my family and any friends that actually voted for Trump. 
I am disappointed in you. 
I am disappointed in our country. You have given strength to a racist, sexist bigot that embraces hatred and will divide our country. Surely he will lead us into World War III. It's an incredibly sad day and I'm beyond embarrassed to be an US citizen."

"I'm really not gonna lie, if you voted for our new president...please cut all ties with me. I'm disgusted with your support of bigotry, hatred, racism, and anti woman ways. Just leave me alone."

"So what do we do now? This isn't a rhetorical question, I'm being serious. Maybe change really does start with us. Anyone interested in meeting and discussing how we can start please message me your email address or post it in the comments. I'd like to get together first week of January to share ideas and discuss maybe even just provide each other with comfort."

"The scariest thing to me, is these people were here all along. This hate has been here. They just needed a leader. This changes the Republican Party. This will BE the new Republican Party. The door is open now. Hate has a voice. Hate has power. And tomorrow morning when my daughter wakes up, I have to tell her that the "man who isn't very nice" won."

"This is a disappointing, embarrassing and terrifying moment in American history."

"here are the top three most horrific things that i have witnessed in my life: watching my childhood best friend's dad get shot to death by the police, 9/11, and now trump becoming president"

"On the upside, punk/thrash/hardcore might get good again."